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Purposefully Pretty is a wonderful organization that allows young women like myself to be a part of a community of strong black women. Because of it, I have not only been able to help others but I now have a group of people that I know will always have my back.
Nevaeh West-Woods, 19
When I signed up for my first Purposefully Pretty event, I didn't realize I was signing up for a mission. Purposefully Pretty isn’t just a nonprofit organization, it’s a dedicated community of individuals who seek to teach and empower young women of color. As a first generation college student, I’ve come to understand the importance of having people who care on your side. Navigating the world can feel like walking across a tightrope while blindfolded. But when you’re a part of a community like Purposefully Pretty, there’s always a safety net of hands ready to sturdy and guide you in case you stumble. They care about each and every member and do their best to help us identify and pursue our purpose. How can you not strive for excellence when you feel so purposefully pretty?
Sarah D., 19
Purposefully Pretty is perfect for girls who want to expand and built their network. You meet such brilliant mentors and girls around who share the same interest. It's taught me how giving back is like giving back to yourself. You learn and find things that intrigue you, but most importantly, you leave knowing that genuine people are looking out for you in the long run!
Piasha B., 19
I had a wonderful experience with PurposeFully Pretty. Being introduced to it during the summer of sophomore year of high school was the best thing I could have been a part of. I met new people who I call my sisters and the many enrichment workshops such as the Leadership Academy that I participated in made me feel fresh and brand new. Purposefully Pretty helped me acknowledge my self worth, something I wasn't able to see on my own. This organization gave me a nudge in the right direction to never give up on my dreams. If anyone young lady out there is looking for a sisterhood of empowering women, THIS is the place to go. Manifest your Beliefs and your Affirmations will see fit.
Ayizat O., 17
PurposefullyPretty is the organization I wish I existed when I was younger. The organization introduces young women to various career paths and opportunities, instills confidence in them to pursue any goal they set their minds to and also encourages members to become active & engaged citizens. While working with PurposefullyPretty I have had the privilege to witness girls from the age of 10 blossom into self assured young women equipped with the skills to conquer anything put in front of them.
Justine Billups, MPA