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Our Goals Taking Action Mentorship Program is designed so that our young ladies will be matched with a mentor based on their interests, experiences, pursuits and ultimate professional goals. Our program allows our young ladies to meet with their mentor at least once a month (12 times a year) Mentors are also available by phone, text, or email if our young girls ever have a problem they need help with.

Our mentors and mentees share updates regarding their lives academically, professionally and even personally. Each month, the program provides a fun activity for the group to participate in such as roller skating and trips to the museum.

Our mentors are women of all ages, in different industries, that have pursued or are in pursuit of their purpose. Also, our GTA mentors have a passion for giving back to the community and young people. Currently we presently have mentors in our program that are teachers, physicians, social workers and entrepreneurs.  Our mentee must be between the ages of 11-18 and must be able to meet at least once a month with their mentor.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor or finding a mentor for yourself as a member of the PurposefullyPretty organization, please email us at