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#IAmPP Workshop Series

The #IAmPurposefullyPretty Workshop Series was launched to help young women identify and pursue their purpose in schools and with other organizations. The workshop series is a 4-, 7-, or 11 -week series seeking to help middle and high school aged young women identify their purpose. PurposefullyPretty Inc. strongly believes that every person is born with a God-given purpose. It is our mission to help young women identify exactly what that purpose is, help them acquire the confidence and character needed to pursue that purpose and provide the tools and resources necessary to accomplish their dreams. During this workshop series, the facilitators conducts workshops and discussions that touch many of the matters that young women are faced with today. Some of these topics include identity, peer pressure, the media, self-love, mental health and relationships and the impact they have on our lives. At the conclusion of the workshop series, young women would have identified their purpose, and have the courage needed to go confidently into the direction of their dreams. They will also have the opportunity to become a registered member of PurposefullyPretty Inc., where they can gain a mentor that will help them as they transition from young women to successful and purposeful adults.

**We are Department of Education Vendors**

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